Georgina Rodriguez’s War

Georgina Rodriguez

Almost two years after the trial began Georgina against two TV channels. At the end of 2021, the model was prosecuted by Spanish channels Telecinco and Antena3 for allegedly disseminating false information in the past.

This third day, the 3rd from your album, is your companion. Cristiano Ronaldo you will have to appear in court in Pozuelo de Alarcón at the start of the trial. This relates to the allegation that the youths tried and intimidated me into disclosing information.

Georgina must be represented by a lawyer Mario Bonacho, who was supported in court by defense attorneys for various celebrities. Although she has a fairly public life, the influencer prefers that her life until 2017, when she started a relationship with a Portuguese man, was long with holophots, because at that time she was not yet famous.

The information that led to the third trial will also be happily forwarded to Rodriguez’s family. I tend to understand that young people are not public figures, and this does not mean that their lives depend on our ways of communicating.

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