German Health Minister says Germans will be “almost all vaccinated, cured or dead” by the end of winter


Nov 22, 2021 17:13 GMT

Only 68% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated, a level considered too low to keep the pandemic under control.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn appealed to the inhabitants of his country to get vaccinated against covid-19 as soon as possible.

“Probably by the end of this winter, as is sometimes cynically said, almost everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead“said Spahn, who blamed the Delta strain of the coronavirus for the increase in infections in recent weeks, reports The Local portal.

The minister’s warning comes at a time when German hospitals are warning of an overflow of intensive care units. This Monday, the Robert Koch Institute reported 30,000 new cases in the country.

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Despite having wide and easy access to free vaccines, only 68% of the German population is fully vaccinated, a level considered by experts too low to keep the pandemic under control.

Spahn chimed in with his “cynical” comments as more and more of the country’s political leaders raise a possible mandatory vaccination of all citizens.

Thus, the minister-president of the state of Bavaria, Markus Soeder, regretted last Friday that infection rates are soaring among the unvaccinated.

“I believe that in the end we are not going to evade a general vaccination obligation,” he said. “Otherwise, we will never get out of this endless loop with this horrible coronavirus,” he added.

Almost 100,000 people have died in Germany as a result of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

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