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Get back in the ring! Kendall Jenner Introduces New Ad Campaign

USA. – Kendall jenner it is the face of the new campaign for the French brand Jacquemus. The model showed some of the photos taken on her account Instagram, receiving great compliments from his followers. Kendall is one of the most requested models in recent years.

This time she is seen with a very natural style, especially in terms of makeup: the intention is to highlight the interesting designs of the firm. One of the ones that drew the most attention was a bubblegum pink outfit, which features a short shirt that highlights the model’s figure. A similar design can be seen in black, but it is a more sporty style.

Kendall jenner She had been on a forced hiatus from her modeling career due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now she has been able to return to the ring, and it seems she has not lost touch: the young woman is the face of several renowned brands thanks to which she has gained considerable popularity. One of them is Estee Lauder, in which you advertise products related to skin care.

Instagram: Kendall Jenner

At just 25 years old, the young Jenner is considered the highest paid model in the world by the magazine Forbes. It has earnings that pass the 22 million dollars, surpassing great figures in the world of modeling. Is that Kendall’s style is one of the most sought after by various designers, what stands out about the model is the naturalness she has in front of the cameras.

It is very likely that now we will see several campaigns with the face of Kendall jenner: she has confessed to having missed working in the fashion industry. It seems that the shows will take place again after a year of suspense and the young woman is one of the favorites for them. Like the Hadid sisters, Kendall is considered a “Nepo Baby”, A term associated with people who arrive at a place thanks to the support of their family.

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