Get the Kylie Jenner, and Scott has Him on a round of the hand of his daughter, Stormi


The rumors of a possible reconciliation between the Kylie Jenner and Scott Travis a lot more of this on Sunday, the 23rd of February, after the ex-husband or wife away caught on to the family, along with her daughter Stormi Webster.

In the midst of TMZ revealed that the rapper and mogul in the composition and arranged their schedules to bring her daughter to jump on the stepping stones of the At Sky High Sportslocated in Woodland Hills. In the image released, it is possible to see the Effects, and Scott’s a lot closer to each other, apparently tried to retratarse a selfie.

The solution was an exclusive of the family of the three witnesses, they said they don’t rentaron, but attended as individuals.

In addition to this, Carla, Lisa, and Stormi visitarĂ­an to a shopping center and a place to enjoy a few treats-frozen hours later on the Sunday. According to the website, a left-back, following them closely, for their protection, without affecting your privacy.

Kylie Jenner and Scott Travis’, ‘inseparable’ during the anniversary of the Stormi

The speculation of a possible revival of the romance between the manager and the singer have been forthcoming at the beginning of the month, for his behavior during the celebration of the second birthday of their daughter.

In accordance with the TMZfriends close to the ex-partner had revealed that the two have made their entry in to the celebration together, and it will not come apart during the party. In fact, the sources pointed out that asemejaban for the bride and groom what they used to be.

However, they should be highlighted that there has been no demonstration of affection in public between the two of them, but, without a doubt, the relationship between the parents of the little girl lit up and the alarm of a possible reconciliation.

Previously, He has attended the various celebrations of his Kardashian Jenner and both of them have worked hard to build your small how to parent apart.