Get the Shakira-kissing-in with a mysterious man on the beach, you have been unfaithful to him for the Chop?


In spite of the hundreds of rumors over the your relationship, Shakira and Gerard Pique they are one of the duos most beloved and well-respected in the middle, holding a bond which is very stable.

But, as is always the case, not every couple is a pink color, and they have filtering on some of the rumors that the singer and the soccer player would be in a crisis as a couple.

These rumors became stronger with the absence of a Chop in the show at the interval at the Super Bowl in 2020, where Video and Jennifer Lopez participated in the meeting.

One day, he was one of the most important in the career of the colombian, because it’s not just any one, you are invited to take part in this kind of show, a show where JLo like Video afraid of the world.

In addition to this, the colombian superstar and athlete, were fulfilled years ago, and celebrated thousands of miles away, she’s on the show, in the interval of the Super Bowl, and playing a game.

You are unfaithful to your view?

However, many indicated that the relationship between Gerard way, singer is going through a time of distance, the same one leaked a few photos of her with another man.

On social networks, you circulas photos Video where you see a lot of caramelized bathing in the sea, with a man who is not exactly what your current partner is in surprisingly good condition.

video-unfaithful Twitter

Apparently, the picture is not very clear, as can be seen from far away, a couple, and you can make sure that it is the artist, there will be those that tell you it’s an old photo, and from a previous relationship.

Even for some admirers of the beautiful, blonde-haired, this book deals with the new images from her latest music video for “I like it”.

And while none of them stated anything about it, the rumors run like the powder on the social networks, where people are already speculating that it’s the end of a relationship is a beautiful one, which appeared in 2010, that gave birth to the little Milan and Her.