Get to Know the Mansion Where Chris Brown Organized a Scandalous Party With Hundreds of Guests

Chris Brown was scandalized again by the party he organized at his mansion.

Rihanna’s ex again gave something to talk about after the organization of a massive and illegal meeting that had to be interrupted by the Los Angeles police

Rapper Chris Brown, known among other terrible things for having brutally beaten his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, once again placed himself at the center of the controversy on account of a birthday celebration, which took place in his mansion of the San Fernando Valley, California, Thursday, May 6, 2021.

The event was so massive that it gathered around 300 vehicles around his home and, of course, but the entire neighborhood on alert.

In fact, the Los Angeles Police Department received numerous calls to report the massive and illegal event that was taking place in this exclusive and peaceful residential area.

According to the news portal Radar Online, several agents had to go to the scene to close the party immediately and “disperse” the countless guests who enjoyed the, yes, generous attentions that their host gave them.

Fortunately, both the property’s ‘manager’ and the assistants cooperated amicably with the authorities to end the celebration and peace reigned in the neighborhood in a matter of minutes.

As expected, the musician tried to make the scandal go unnoticed, just as he did when, just a month ago, he received a lawsuit from a former assistant who claimed that his sister had been attacked by one of the artist’s dogs. on your property.

The aforementioned employee, Patricia Ávila, pointed out in her letter that her sister María had needed no less than two operations to solve the wounds so deep that the aforementioned dog, who normally lives in an isolated area of ​​the garden with the rest of the ‘pets’ of the singer, had left on his face and on his arm

Ávila maintains that the interpreter committed a very serious recklessness by not having warned them that, on that specific day, the animal was loose in areas that used to be forbidden.

This is not the first time that the property gives something to talk about, since in the past it already did when Chris Brown shared his address, through Instagram, with the purpose that his followers knew where he lived and thus could go to the massive garage sale he had organized.

He also gave something to talk about when he barricaded himself inside after being accused of having threatened a woman with a weapon or when the imposing residence was visited by lovers of others.

How is the mansion where Chris Brown organized his mega illegal party?

The property was purchased by Chris Brown in 2015 for $ 4.3 million. It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

It also has a lobby, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, cinema room, three-car garage, among other rooms.

Outside it has extensive green areas, with a terrace, with three bonfires, with a saltwater pool, a Jacuzzi, with a spa area, among other amenities.

According to the technical specification, released by real estate media, they have an area of ​​8,317 square feet and are located on a plot of 0.75 acres.