Get to know the patio of Roca where the chamamé from Corrientes reigns

When the sun begins to fall, in the north of Roca, on El Colibrí street, guitars and an accordion are heard inviting the neighbors with their country music to participate in the party.
Every monday and tuesday Katty Núñez begins the chamamecero patio in Barrio Nuevo where she teaches Creole dances.

Children, adolescents and adults come in typical clothes to dance on the dirt floor that has just been watered to prevent dust from rising.
“The chamamé makes you forget the sorrows, the one who comes, even if he is broken, leaves renewed because the chamamé restarts your life ”, she expressed excitedly.

The workshop that provides He started it three years ago at home. The neighbor comes from a family raised in the country.
His father, Alfredo Núñez, played the typical eight-bass, two-row accordion. The country parties were a custom in his house. When they arrived at Roca they continued with the tradition.

Children and young people really enjoy tapping during the dance. Photo Andrés Maripe.

However, a few years ago the health of this good countryman began to deteriorate and To cheer him up, Katty started organizing the country parties again.
Thus the encounters arose again, first in a familiar way and then open to the neighbors where the youngest joined the group to learn to dance chamamé from Corrientes.

Today there is a group made up of couples of children and adults who perform at private events.
The patio where he teaches is nine meters by nine and his brother lends it to him on Calle El Colibrí. In the workshop there are 12 pairs of adults and 15 of children.

“Here the typical chamamé of one and two is no longer danced, it is danced with footwork and the accompaniment of the woman’s brush,” Katty explained.
The rehearsals are pure laughter and the teacher is detailed and very enthusiastic.
First they perform a warm-up with some tapping, which consists of five basic steps
Then the pairs are formed. They use stereo equipment in rehearsals and also three skilled musicians; two guitarists and an accordionist participate in the presentations.

Katty is proud of her students who are fast learners of Corrientes chamamé. Photo Andrés Maripe.

Katty’s dream is to be able to perform dances in public spaces to share with the entire community the passion and joy of the members of the Chamamecero patio.
In March they will participate in the country party at La Alpargata Post located on Route 6 where country dancing, Creole skills and dressage will be performed.

The teacher is happy to bring joy to the neighborhood and grateful for the support she receives from her brothers and neighbors.
His nephews were his first dancers and now they participate in presentations in gardens and schools for national days.

The country music of the guitars and the accordion invites the neighbors to join the party.

“What I like the most is the crossover step. I also do artistic skate but I want to be a teacher of chamamé ”, expressed with confidence Zoe, Katty’s niece who is 11 years old.
The young dancer has very good dexterity with her partner 10-year-old Julian who started at 8 and he really enjoys stomping.
Also to Six-year-old Xiomara loves to dance with her long skirt that was made especially for the workshop.

“The boys are the children of the neighbors, it is nice to share this with the whole community, motivate them through this workshop with values so they can be someone tomorrow, “said Bryan Castillo, a young member.
For 16-year-old Tiara there is a very festive atmosphere and ages do not matter. “I love dancing with children, we all have fun, young and old,” he said.

The children of the neighbors arrive very enthusiastic at the Chamamecero patio.

At 9 pm the Chamamecero patio is at its highest point. You can hear the applause of the neighbors who smile happily when they see the enthusiastic dancers.
“Vamos Jonás”, one of the guitarists cheers with a laugh.

Katty looks with moistened eyes at her students and the excited clapping onlookers.
After her working day as a domestic worker, she ends the day renewed because that is achieved in the chamamecero patio, life is restarted.

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