“Getting a divorce at 30 is great”

09 September 2023, 09:36


Emily Ratajkowski publishes a video in which she explains all the advantages of being a divorced woman at just 30 years old. For a model, being young and having division behind you is definitely chic. I separated from my husband last year. Emily Ratajkowski would have been betrayed by her husband, actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, and would have immediately asked for and obtained a divorce. The couple has a son, Sylvester Apollo, born in 2021. Now that the disappointment of a failed marriage is far away, Emily Ratajkowski illustrates the benefits of divorce at a young age. “I think a lot of women get divorced before they turn 30,” the model begins in a video posted to TikTok. “And as a woman who got married at 26 and separated for a year at 32, I have to tell you: I think there is nothing better,” she adds.

Emily Ratajkowski (Photo from video)

“It’s better to already experience the “fairy tale” of marriage and understand that perhaps it is not so wonderful after all.”

Emily Ratajkowski talks about her personal experience and reflects on one aspect: “If in your twenties you feel like you’re constantly conflicted, there’s nothing better than being in your 30s, still feeling attractive, maybe still having savings so you can think about what you want to do with them. life, having already experienced the “fairy tale” of marriage and realizing that perhaps it is not as wonderful as they want us to believe. But you still have your whole life ahead of you.” A positive and encouraging message for all those women who are leaving their marriage feeling like failures. “For all those people who are stressed about divorce, that’s a good thing, congratulations,” he says.

Emily Ratajkowski (photo from Instagram)

After breaking up with her husband, Emily Ratajkowski started an affair with Eric Andre

Of course, the model’s marriage did not end well. It was also a bitter disappointment for Emily Ratajkowski. The marriage to Sebastian Bear McClard was a marriage of love: they got married secretly in 2018. But the reason for the break between them was the numerous infidelities of the actor who models her. publicly called himself a “serial cheater”. After breaking up with the father of her child, Emily Ratajkowski began a relationship for who knows how long with Eric Andre. In February last year, the couple published a more than candid photo of the actor on social networks. In the frame, they are both shown without clothes: he is on the sofa, and she is standing, reflected in the mirror, taking a photo. A few days after the photo was published, there were already rumors about the couple’s separation, but none of the interested parties confirmed this news.

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09 September 2023, 09:36

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