Getting married in Las Vegas: why it’s so enchanting

Marry in Vegas it is entirely a part of the imagination of those who want to give their couple a ceremony with a decidedly unconventional atmosphere. Plus, with movies and TV series fueling the allure of dreaming of love celebrated in one of the world’s most glittering cities, the lure of lights and Elvis Presley wannabes can be intense.

Where are those who decide to go marry in the state’s largest city Nevada? And what can you expect from the ceremony celebrated by the double of an unforgettable voice Love me Tender? In this article, a virtual journey through the light and evocative atmosphere of filming.

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Where do they get married in Vegas?

The dream of a magical moment in Las Vegas travels between dream and reality. A (real) wedding celebrated in a (dream) place right in Clark County should Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckwho decide to organize two ceremonies for their wedding. The second culminated in a three-day celebration in Riseborough, Georgia, while the first took place at one of the most famous locations in Las Vegas, Little white wedding chapel.

This place has been chosen for the wedding by many stars such as Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Rita Hayworth and Dick Haymesit’s still Joan Collins and Peter Holmes, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow AND Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The ceremony of the last couple was held in Chapel L’Amour by an Elvis impersonator, and the bride’s exit was accompanied by country duo Dan + Shay.

There are also those who decide to go to Las Vegas to create an unforgettable moment for the couple, taking advantage of a very original location. In fact, there are many who choose this direction for renew promises. The little white wedding chapel isn’t the only place in town to celebrate a Vegas-style wedding. The advice is to explore all the services offered by the various locations. This task can be very exciting, especially because of the large number of offered packages.

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How to get married in Vegas?

When asked if Las Vegas wedding is valid in Italy or not, many answers can be found on the Internet, but we advise you to contact professional lawyers who can provide accurate information on all points regarding this aspect and the steps that need to be taken to get married in USA.

Between symbolic ceremonies and “real” weddings, the risk of getting lost information AND bureaucracy therefore, it is quite high, especially if the desire to get married “for real”, it is proposed to find out in time about all the steps that need to be taken to crown your dream of love in the States.

What documents do you need to get married in Las Vegas?

In order not to be taken by surprise, it is advisable to inquire in advance with the relevant authorities about the documents required in order to be able to treat yourself to a real, real wedding surrounded by the atmosphere of Las Vegas.

In his newsletter Jennifer Lopez also shared with fans the “bureaucratic” backstory of her wedding to Ben Affleck, revealing that she stood in line with four other couples to get Marriage certificateand do it by hair.

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Fake wedding in Vegas.

However, in terms of definitely “fake” wedding plans, it seems really impossible not to mention the ones seen in some of the movies and TV shows that have helped fuel the notoriety of Las Vegas. The first work we mention Bayside School – Wedding in Las VegasTV movie first shown in 1994 by director Jeff Melman. The two main characters of the television series Bayside Schoolor the characters of Zach and Kelly, who were played respectively Mark-Paul Gosselaar AND Tiffani-Amber Thiessendecided to get married in Las Vegas because his parents interfered with their union.

The 2008 movie that sheds light on Las Vegas then definitely Good night in Vegasdirector Tom Vaughan AND Cameron Diaz AND Ashton Kutcher as protagonists Joy and Jack, who, as complete strangers, find themselves husband and wife after celebrating their wedding in a vibrant urban setting. The film continues at a non-stop pace of events involving the two intent on continuing the dissolution of their marriage.

Finally fans of the TV series Friends they’re probably still referring to the characteristic moments of the two episodes of season five dealing with the possibility of getting married in Las Vegas… we’re not spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen them yet.

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