Ghostwriter (AI Drake): a new viral song and the race for Grammy

Can artificial intelligence “replace” an artist and create Grammy-worthy songs? Second ghost writer Maybe. Anonymous creator of a viral song AI Drakeauthorized”Heart on my sleeveAI is back with a new song called “Whiplash“, voices Travis Scott AND 21 Savage. The author posted the song on his site X account (Twitter) e TIK Tak with the message “The future of music is here. Now artists have the opportunity to let their voice work for them without lifting a finger. It’s clear that people need this song. Message me on Instagram if you are interested in letting me release this post or if you want me to remove this post.Ghostwriter then made it clear that anyone fees created by the song went to Travis Scott and 21 Savage.

Ghostwriter: AI-generated music and copyright issues

The famous creator with the song AI Drake “Heart on My Sleeve” managed to reach the top of the Spotify chart and Apple Musicbefore it was removed. This case raised the issue of Copyright infringement. This is a very sore subject, since there are no precedents in this sense. Being AI-generated content, the basis forlawsuit however, they remain weak.

For its part, Ghostwriter decided to go further, saying that it wants to nominate “Heart on My Sleeve” for an award Grammy Award. The categories indicated will be: “Best Rap Song” AND “Song of the year” Unfortunately, as stated by the CEO Recording Academy, Harvey Manson Jr..,the song was not written by a person. This means you may not meet the application requirements. If some artist were to take up the creator’s call and participate in the creation of a song partially created by artificial intelligence, perhaps Ghostwriter could actually see “his” song nominated for the next Grammy Award.

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