Gianinna, Dalma, Dieguito Fernando and Junior remembered Maradona on social networks

Maradona's children remembered him on the networks (Reuters)
Maradona’s children remembered him on the networks (Reuters)

Diego Armando Maradona He died on November 25, 2020 at the age of 60 in a house in the private neighborhood of San Andrés, where he was recovering from a recent operation for a subdural hematoma. His departure generated a worldwide commotion and Justice is conducting the investigation of the cause that is ready to be sent to oral trial with the grave accusation of murder with eventual intent against seven health professionals.

A year after his death, his children remembered the soccer star through social networks. Diego Maradona Junior He shared a video on Instagram in which he appears singing to his father, with an emotional message: “Could you come down for at least a minute, hug me, laugh a little with me … I would have so many things to tell you, so many songs to sing together and see the Napoli matches. Fly as high as only you can. I love you and miss you so much!”.

Diego Maradona Junior fondly remembered his father
Diego Maradona Junior fondly remembered his father

Veronica Ojeda published a photo of a beautiful letter that he dedicated Dieguito fernando to his dad. “I love you and I miss you,” wrote the little one with the drawing of two hearts. His mother dedicated a few words to him on Instagram: “Son, I know it is a very sensitive day for you and for the whole family…But your dad would have been proud of this letter that you wrote him with all your love. I know you miss it. But he from heaven is taking care of you every minute of your life. It is and will be your guardian angel! I LOVE YOU”.

Dieguito Fernando wrote a letter to his father
Dieguito Fernando wrote a letter to his father

“The world has been more horrible for a year because you are not in it …”Dalma Maradona lamented. “Justice is the only thing I ask”, The young woman highlighted on this special day for the entire Ten family. Previously, he had announced the reason why he was not going to participate in the tributes that will be held to remember the soccer idol: “I do this story because many people are inviting me to different tributes that they are going to do to my father. November 25. And I have to be very sincere and tell everyone that for me that day is the worst day of my life, that I have totally canceled it. And what I wish most is that that day had never existed “.

Dalma and Gianinna asked for justice for their father
Dalma and Gianinna asked for justice for their father

Gianinna He also asked for Justice for the death of his father in his Instagram stories. He also published a tender image in which he appears with Diego when he was a baby. “From the cradle to eternity. Always with me. I love you dad“Said with regret the daughter of Claudia Villafañe.

The tender photo of Gianinna and Maradona
The tender photo of Gianinna and Maradona

“I can not stop crying,” said the former Kun Aguero for the video he made Ciro Ferrara, the former Italian striker. “You caught me off guard, huh? Who better than you to do it “, he expressed before the imaginary call of the Ten. “Everything has become painful and dark. Suddenly we lacked warm blood in our veins. We were not prepared. No Diego, we weren’t ”, are other heartbreaking phrases in the clip that he posted on his Instagram account.

Gianinna remembered her father on social media
Gianinna remembered her father on social media

Gianinna also published a letter to express her pain: “I despair, vulnerability takes hold of me, I feel broken, I am tied up, the forces that I ‘have’ to have leave me unable to breathe. I need justice for your sudden departure. They can’t go on like nothing. It’s all too much. I can’t take it anymore, a thousand fronts open, many enemies who shoot with missiles, the usual ones standing there to continue hurting those of us who are still here. I look at Benja, it hurts twice as much ”.

Finally, the young woman assured: “I am not going to give up, the 10 on my back I never wore but your last name and your legacy of continuing despite everything and everyone will continue to live in me. The more they want to see me fall, the more I am going to get up, in short, falling is also flying for an instant. I love you and I will miss you until we meet again! Thank you for continuing to support from there! ”.

Gianinna's emotional letter
Gianinna’s emotional letter


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