Gianinna Maradona struck down Verónica Ojeda for leaking a sum of money that they charged for the tribute party: “This is not fiction”

After Dalma Y Gianinna they said present in Saudi Arabia to be in the tribute that they did to Diego Maradona a year after his death, Veronica Ojeda It was something to talk about by ensuring that the daughters of the Ten charged 30 thousand dollars to attend the event and that they “did business”, and one of them did not let it pass them by.

Business is wanting to sell even my dad’s panties so they can give you money, Ojeda. Stop fucking … this is not fiction, it is reality. I asked them ‘do not sell my dad’s things’ and they all became bolu…. ”, Gianinna launched, without a filter in Twitter.

How nice that the Zoom is recorded and our later conversation too“He added bluntly, making it clear that the talk they had long ago is registered and has evidence to support it.

“Business is wanting to sell even my dad’s panties so they can give you money, Ojeda. Stop fucking … this is not fiction, it is reality.”

“And I’ll explain to you so that you stop talking when asked … about my sister and me, that the sequence is made up of 5 members. Not just Dalma and Gianinna. The end ”, closed the girlfriend of Daniel Osvaldo, furious.

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They charged $ 30,000 per contract. I said that on my part I was going to give up because it seemed like a disrespect. Not because I don’t need the money, on the contrary, but because they charge that as a tribute, there is a business there. They contradict each other, “he said, spicy, in dialogue with Toti Pasman for Network.

And he said goodbye, vindicating his sharp opinion: “They are talking, profiting and doing business with the death of their dad. I signed to withdraw from Dieguito’s part, I didn’t want anything. They did get paid. When they gave up the 30 thousand dollars, that money was collected by them ”, she sentenced, indignant.

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