Gianni Morandi announces his social detox: “Maybe it will be good for us”

Gianni Morandi announces his social detox: “Maybe it will be good for us”

Gianni Morandi is taking a break from social networks, this news revealed by the artist shocked fans. The Eternal Boy is one of the most active artists on the network; in recent years, he has gained popularity among young people, right up to the creation of this direct line with your followers.

“HELLO! I’d like to take a break from social media for a while. So you won’t see me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Who knows, maybe this will be good for us.”: said the singer, who will have to undergo surgery on her hand in the next few weeks after an accident that happened some time ago. Users responded with comments full of love for Morandi, who will blow out 79 candles on December 11th.

Gianni Nazionale he’s just the latest in a long list of artists who have expressed their views on the overuse of social media. A year ago, actor Tom Holland and singer-songwriter Ultimo, both born in 1996, expressed a desire to reduce the frequency of their phone use.

It’s from Gianni Morani is nothing more than another attempt to bring real life back into the spotlight at the expense of virtual life, in clear contrast to those who constantly live with a smartphone in their hands. In America they call it “social detox”a kind of behavioral detox diet from excessive digital technology use.

An interesting aspect of this issue is that this malaise is voiced by people of all ages, including young people, well-known figures who can influence – in this case positively – the actions of digital natives, those who find themselves, despite themselves, in this a little virtuous and very virtual world.

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