‘Giffoni Film Festival 2023’ brings film and art magic

Kermesse of the province of Salerno will last until July 29. Guests include Verdone, Sibilia, Pannofino, Foliati and Paolillo.

Antonella Silvestri
July 21, 2023, 2:07 pm

The 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival continues to captivate and seduce the public with an astonishing array of well-known guests at home and abroad. This year’s event will turn hearts with an exceptional opportunity to meet some of the brightest and most brilliant names in the film and television industry. Featuring award-winning leading actors and directors as well as up-and-coming singers and songwriters, the festival captivates audiences of all age groups with an unrivaled selection.

Among the most anticipated meetings are screenings of extraordinary and touching films, animation works, world premieres that can give boundless emotions and thoughts. And there is no shortage of interactive workshops, places to meet and exchange opinions with the undisputed heroes of the movie.

In this way, the Giffoni Film Festival (which runs until July 29) becomes a symphony celebration of art, culture and creativity, an ode to the talent that shines in the spotlight, but also in the heart of every viewer who is lucky enough to be a part of it. this extraordinary cinematic journey.

For the Giffoni Film Festival, in which, on the opening day, among others, Diana Del Bufalo, Vanessa Scalera, Claudio Bisio, Erri De Luca and Angelina Mango an exceptional partner is expected. On July 21, the long-awaited debut will take place at the Giffoni Film Festival in Katherine Guzzanti, an extraordinary actress, ready to give the participants moments of pure emotion. July 22 will be a special day with the presence of Charles Verdone which, together with Ludovica Martino and Sangiovanni, will meet gifphoners with a special event dedicated to the second season of Vita da Carlo. An opportunity not to be missed for fans of the series.

July 23 event will welcome Paul Ruffiniactor, TV presenter and director who will entertain the audience with his performances.

Another well-known face of the sensational television series “Mare Fuori”, James Georgewill be attending Giffoni 53 on July 23, thrilling fans with his participation. Costantino della Gherardesca, TV presenter and commentator, will join the rest of the guests on July 23, bringing his sympathy and professionalism to the festival. On July 23, participants will have the opportunity to meet Sydney Sibylia, the director of I Can Stop When I Want, who will tell anecdotes behind the scenes of his acclaimed film. On July 24, the animated film “The Star of Dora. Problems of General Carlo Alberto della Chiesa. Francesco Pannofino will be there to meet the jury and talk about his participation in the project. And always July 24 director Mario Martone will tell the jury, talking in detail about his career and cinematic work.

Actor and director Antonio Albanese will be the protagonist on July 25, ready to confront the boys and give moments of laughter and reflection.

Anticipation rises July 27 for Matthew Paulilloreturning after the success of “Mare Fuori” and for meeting with Joe Bastianich, who recently won the latest Beijing Express draw with Andrea Belfiore. It will be a unique opportunity to hear the stories and experiences of a renowned chef and TV presenter. On July 29, on the final day of the festival, the actress will take part Pilar Fogliatithat will bring a touch of freshness to the event. But the surprises don’t end there. Successful artists from the Italian and international music scene will alternate on stage at the Giffoni Music Concept 2023. (Free) concerts will be held Rebecca Staffelli, radio host of Radio 105, who will introduce all the artists in the line-up. The event will also be supported Elena Shishi Giffoni Film Festival. Two hosts will be able to captivate the audience with interviews, games and surprises.

This is the order of the artists’ exhibition: July 21st. Alpha, Jay Pata, Off Samuel22 numbers Federica Carta, Isis, Luigi Strangis23 numbers Gianmaria, Follia, 24 Ermal Meta25 Rosa Chemical, Junior Callie26th Diss Gacha, Maninni27th Emmanuel Aloy, Bern, 28 Merck and Cremon, Lolita29th Colors, Blue Smith.

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