Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio, the full story of their “relationship” | Vanity Fair Italy

February 24, 2023: In the photos published by Page Six, Hadid and DiCaprio exit the same restaurant in Milan. A source told the publication that the celebrities were not on a date, but attended a large group dinner in honor of the British editor-in-chief. Fashion Edward Enninful, which was also attended by Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner.

March 10, 2023: The couple is seen together again at a party. This time the source says People Leo and Gigi were hiding in the tent, trying to remain inconspicuous,” the source said, “but for most of the evening they were together and hardly moved from their place.” night, telling People: “These two were in a group of over a dozen people in the VIP section who were dating.”

May 5, 2023: Around 2 a.m. Friday, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio were photographed leaving the same location in New York three minutes apart, according to TMZ. A source told Page Six that Hadid and DiCaprio attended the star-studded event at Cipriani Soho and did not sit down to dinner together.

June 6, 2023: According to TMZ, Hadid and DiCaprio arrived at the same London Chiltern Firehouse restaurant within minutes of each other, but neither was alone. Hadid arrived with model girlfriend Neelam Gill, while DiCaprio’s father and stepmother accompanied the actor.

According to the tabloid, both Hadid and DiCaprio (as well as their respective guests) attended an event elsewhere shortly before their (joint? separate?) performance at the Chiltern. They reappeared and arrived separately. Apparently, there were 20 people at the meeting, so Hadid’s meeting with the DiCaprio family was not intimate. Coincidence? Or proof that a relationship between them is blossoming?

June 9, 2023: One source says People that Hadid “sees Leo whenever he can.” According to a source: “Dating Leo was never serious for her and will never be happy with his life.”

July 4, 2023: One source says Page six that Hadid and DiCaprio are “together” after a weekend in the Hamptons. According to sources, the two celebrities attended a party in Bridgehampton on July 1 and were photographed at Tao Group founder Mark Packer’s Independence Day party on July 2. “The way they talked…..You felt the energy,” a source said of the first event. After their second night together, a source said, “They’re together.”

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