Gigi Hadid and the secret of the tattoo on the buttock: what did not escape

Gigi Hadidafter his arrest (which followed immediately after his release) in Cayman islands because, having marijuana, he continues his vacation of sun, sea and fun. In confirmation of the numerous shots that the model shared on Instagram, where the most attentive noticed curious detail which is debatable.

Gigi Hadid what she did after her arrest

Among the latest photos posted by the supermodel on her Instagram profile, a couple in particular caught the attention of fans: Gigi poses in a bikini and shows off a tattoo on her right buttock.. It’s about Chinese dragon with a snake body, back spikes and eagle claws. But is it true or fake? Many people wonder if the tattoo was really done or if it is one of the temporary ones. According to the most attentive fans, the reflection of the tattoo would indicate intermittent work.

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