Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will be parents – People – Culture


The rumors that the american model was pregnant began a few days ago. In fact one of the first media to say it was ‘TMZ’, for whom She would have given clues to their state in their stories of Instagram, increasing speculation around the topic.

Later the first to speak was the mother of Hadid, Yolanda Foster, who said he was very excited to receive the baby and becoming a grandmother in September, which confirmed the pregnancy of the model.

This Thursday, Hadid spoke finally of the new stage that is going through in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, on the recognised programme ‘The Tonight Show’. During the transmission, Fallon took the opportunity to congratulate the young man of 25 years.

“Gigi Hadid, I love you too, welcome… thank you for being on the show and I must say congratulations on the pregnancy, is the best news,” said Fallon.

During the meeting She spoke of how excited they are all for the baby’s arrival, told them a little of your cravings and said that although it is going through a difficult time at the global level, she and Malik are enjoying every moment.

“It’s definitely not been bad news, we are now very happy and excited… we are trying to enjoy, especially during this time… it is a small advantage in what is past, to be able to be at home together, and experience it day-to-day” said the american.

Who also took advantage of the space to thank you for the support they have received from their followers. “We want to be able to share it in our own terms, but we are very excited, happy and grateful for all the good wishes. So thank you very much,” he said.

Noted that her biggest craving during this first stage of pregnancy have been the bagels, a traditional bread from Poland. In fact, in view of this, his family gave him a cake with the shape of this muffin for her birthday last April 23.

“In the morning my family brought me a cake in the shape of a bagel, which I was blown away, because my cravings have been the bagels, the like all day“he pointed out.

In addition, he told Fallon that everything that is going on makes it get excited about with more ease, because that same day he wept every five minutes in thinking about your cake, that was designed by the renowned pastry chef Buddy.

“After I learned that Buddy from ‘Cake Boss’ made my cake, and I love it. And I don’t know if it was my hormones or the excitement of the quarantine, but I cried every five minutes for an hour each time I thought of that,” he added.

Now the couple is just passing the confinement together with the family of the model in a farm located in Pennsylvania, USA. UU.