Gigi Hadid celebrated his birthday-25 in a very special way (with Zayn Malik included)


Gigi Hadid celebrated her birthday full of balloons and a cake huge next to her family and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, on his mother’s farm in Pennsylvania.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

27 April, 2020

The birthday number 25 Gigi Hadid it was very special. Due to the pandemic, the model is passing the days of imprisonment on a family farm in Pennsylvania, accompanied by his mother and his sister, Bella. The u.s. shared how well that went via Instagram, with a photograph stating that he had had the sweetest celebration for your birthday next to your loved ones. “I am grateful and I am fortunate that my family and friends, near and far, are healthy and safe. Even though I missed my loved ones that I wish I would have held, I know that these times make us even more grateful, “ he wrote.

Though Gigi and her mom spent the day together, she did not hesitate to spend a post in your account. “Yesterday, 25 years ago, it was the best day of my life, having given birth and raising you has taught me the true meaning of commitment and unconditional love. Thank you for being an extraordinary blessing in my life, I am very proud of the woman you are… may your days always be blessed with love, light and happiness, but mostly, good health. I love you, baby.”, wrote.

On the other hand her sister Bella did not hesitate to share photos of their childhood together, reflect that, despite everything, are more united than ever. that reflect that despite the years the sisters Gigi are more united than ever.

With balloons, a cake huge made by Buddy Valastro and her boyfriend Zayn Malikthe u.s. had one of its best birthday. Surely you remember that the pair he decided to return since December, after a time they gave last year. Nor doubt that this already is very serious because first they were seen together in the celebration of the birthday of the singer on the 10th of January, and now in spite of the situation was to his side on this special day.

*IMAGE: Getty Images
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