Gigi Hadid chooses the extra-long French manicure. Is it already trending?

Gigi Hadid chooses the French manicure in an extra-long version. A beauty statement in the name of “more is more”

It is difficult to dispute the principle of “less is more” applied to beauty. And the lasting success of the so-called “French manicure”, symbol of a simple but chic style, is proof of how much minimalism works in this area. Now, however, Gigi Hadid has surprised us with a decidedly maximalist beauty statement, and she did it starting from the French manicure. After seasons dominated by the classic version of this nail art technique – which is essentially distinguished by the application of white nail polish on the nail lunettes – and its variants (American, in color and in the mini version, for shorter and more discreet nails ), now Gigi Hadid proposes an interpretation of the French manicure in a “more is more” key.

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French nails according to Gigi Hadid

On the occasion of the party of Vanity Fair following the 2023 Oscars ceremony, the model sublimated her flaming Zac Posen look with an extreme French manicure, characterized by very squared XL nails. Considering that Gigi Hadid’s choices in terms of nail art tend to go viral – think of the crystal manicure she showed off at the 2016 Met Gala, an authentic masterpiece created by Cuban artist Mar y Soul (at the modest cost of 2,000 dollars) –, there is an excellent chance of seeing, in the next few months, the affirmation of a new trend in the field of manicure: the “maxi-French”.

Why choose maxi-French

In addition to the extreme length, this variant of the French manicure is characterized by the particularly accentuated color contrast between the nail body and the bezel. Both factors maximize the benefits of the French manicure. As he explained in an interview with New York Times one of Gigi Hadid’s favorite manicurists (as well as Bella and various other celebs), Mei Kawajiri: «French nails make your fingers look longer and more beautiful. It’s like magic.” Yes, and with the new XL version, the magical effect doubles. Because “more” can also be Very moreover.

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