Gigi Hadid confesses that he hates going to the gym and other secrets of her hot body


When you think of the models and their bodies from heart attack, comes to mind immediately-genetics at the margin – the image of an iron discipline in the gym. Hours of training with a lot of consistency and sufficient intensity appear essential to maintain these tipazos. But what is certain is that not all have the same ease to take on this discipline. Gigi Hadidfor example, just confess that it is not nothing fan going to train the gym. So much so, that she herself has recognized that you prefer to “die to go to the gym”. Yes, the secret of the supermodel is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not resignation, that yes, exercise, but you prefer activities like cycling and swimming to stay in the form.

As she herself has explained, what seems to overwhelm the model is to go to a closed center, and that’s why opted for the outdoor activities. “I grew up outdoors, so what I like to do is take the maximum advantage of the landscape: I bike everywhere and swim in the sea in every free moment,” explained Gigi in an interview with the magazine Count Nást Traveller. We know, furthermore, that is passionate about boxingone of the disciplines most comprehensive toning, slimming, relaxes and improves self-esteem.

On the sidelines of his ‘phobia’ particular to the gym, also confessed to other of her beauty secrets when not working: “Minimum makeup so that you can see my freckles and a healthy glow. In addition, the sunscreen is very important“. And he added what is the secret to taking care of your hair: coconut oil.

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