Gigi Hadid confesses what he thinks of being a mom and raising a family


Does Gigi Hadid is pregnant and about to form his own family with Zayn Malik? This is the question that millions of people began to make since yesterday, after several us media outlets (like TMZ and Entertainment Tonight) will ensure that the famous american model it is in anticipation of their first baby!

Up to now, nor Gigi Hadid or her boyfriend and ex-member of One Direction have confirmed or denied these rumors, that arose after an alleged informant (very close to the family Hadid) ensure that the it girl already has 20 weeks of pregnancy, that is to say: that’s 5 months of pregnancy!

Be certain such suspicions, the sister of Bella Hadid could give birth to the end of September or the beginning of August of this year.

But, even though we know that Gigi has not officially announced her pregnancy, it seems that she sent a hint a few months ago, in which he warned us what would be fair what would happen when she became a mom….

‘I think as he grows… well, one day I will start a family and I don’t know if I will always be by modeling. I love the creative side of fashion, it is very rewarding. The people I work with make me very happy, I am really lucky to be close to them, but I don’t know… maybe I devote to cooking full-time!’, recognized Gigi Hadid in February of this year, in an interview with The Icons-and-Idols Issue.