Gigi Hadid declares that it will not return to Mykonos, Greece after suffering theft


After returning from their vacation, the model Gigi Hadid announced in Instagram that suffered a theft during your stay in Greece, although not explained as was the event.

The model american posted on her account ac @gisposable, with near 73 thousand followersthat suffered an assault on the Greek island, place to which I would not returnand even he advised his followers to spend their money elsewhere.

Hadid asked users not to be fooled by the photos that you post of your journey, in which, by the way, you can see that it went very well in the company of her sisters Bella, Alana and Marielle Hadid, as well as with her best friend Austyn and her maquillista of confidence Patrick Ta.

Despite not having published the event in your main account is @gigihadid, which has 49 million followersits publication was far reaching and caused a stir among several users showed their dissatisfaction and advised him to be more careful.

Some users explained that by his great influence could have a negative impact on the tourism sector in Greece, a country which in recent years has gone through a strong economic crisis.

However, many others were not so friendly with Hadid, and told him that if he didn’t want to be assaulted should not publish your day-to-day in networks social, while other users the dismissed it as disrespectful and even natives of the island he was told that she was not welcome.

This is not the first time that the Hadid give what to talk about for comments towards other nations.

A few months ago, Bella Hadid, also suffered the fury of Instagram when you publish a photo in which showed your shoes. The model never considered that the fund had planes with flags of Saudi Arabia.

Photo: screen Capture of the stories of Instagram Bella Hadid

Immediately the act was misinterpreted by members of the arab culture, who undertook to explain to the world that in their culture, that is a lack of respect for their nation. Later, also a super model offered her apologies and insisted that it was an innocent error.

While Gigi was not able to travel in 2017 China for the parade of Victoria’s Secret because the government of the asian giant stated that it was not welcome by a video published in this social network pretending to have slanted eyes and posing next to a picture of Budah, while having dinner in a chinese restaurant.

Notwithstanding the controversies, the sisters Hadid, the daughters of immigrants, have advocated for multiculturalism and the respect of the nations. Are proud of their roots Dutch and palestinian.

In January 2017, both participated in the march against the government of Donald Trump carrying a banner that could read “we are All human”, making a word humans an acrostic formed by names of religions.