Gigi Hadid faces the Milan Fashion Week photo more tender


As happens in every profession, the models also have certain times of working very intense, which are mainly concentrated during the fashion weeks of different cities. In addition to continuing with its promotional campaigns and parade for different brands, with the fittings and the preparations that it entails, have to attend a lot of parties and events, to which we must add the constant travel from one capital to another. Some of them, as Kendall Jenner or Hailey Baldwin, choose to stay out of the walkwayswhile most of you have that parade and focus on saving all the energy that it is possible to to overcome this time. In this context, it is not strange to find pictures like that of the sisters Hadid sleeping on a cardboard at two in the morning in full costume tests.

Gigi Hadid


Precisely, Gigi Hadid wanted to share with their followers an image that reflects perfectly your current mood, the result of these intense weeks of work. This is an old photo that you can see the model girl at the gates of an airport, sitting in a cart on several bags, with a gesture, uncomfortable, almost crying, and an expression of weariness. Ignoring the classic adage that says “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Gigi has resorted to this instant show your fans how it felt to leave London and head to Milan to participate in the parades of the Italian city. “The month of fashion continues”, writes as title, road of Milan.

Gigi Hadid Instagram

A trip that comes after a long week in which the model has passed for many firms, among them Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren or Burberry, and that he has shown her already ample experience on the catwalk. The past 13 of September, during the show Marc Jacobs, in which the model confirmed its good relationship with Dua Lipa, the heel of one of the shoes that Gigi had to be parade broke. A hitch that the model solves walking the runway barefoot and with total naturalness. So much so that none of those present realized the error until the stylist of the parade, Katie Grand, explained what happened on their social networks.

Gigi Hadid Marc Jacobs spring-summer 2020


After closing the Fashion Week in London on the catwalk for Burberry and, subsequently, in the feast offered by the magazine Love in collaboration with Youtube, Gigi Hadid has set sail early this morning to Milanwhere safe return to show your professionalism on the catwalk and will give you moments of the most fun out of it, to cope with the tiredness with his characteristic humor.