Gigi Hadid goes mad to her fans to remember a kiss from Zayn Malik


It is not a secret that Gigi Hadid she is passionate about analogue photography. In fact, we give away many of their jobs through their social networks. And this is how it has done very few hours. However, on this occasion, the images that they share in an album belonging to a reel lost just to recover. A photographs to remember between which there has been one that has crazed his fans, as it collects a loving hug accompanied by a kiss that Zayn Malik gave her during some christmas. Of the more than 3,500 comments who picks up the publication in just 4 hoursthe great majority of ‘shouts’ the name of the singer and cannot contain your excitement with this tender, decision of the couple, who returned to resume their relationship at the end of last year.


Zigi, the name that the fans call affectionately to the tandem formed by Gigi and Zayn, has become a fluctuating relationship that has given us unforgettable moments. It was in 2015 when it was announced that the model and the singer had started a relationship, what led them to become one of the couples of the moment. In fact, it caused a sensation on its way down the red carpet of the MET gala, 2016, where it will not hesitate to show all your love with kisses, hugs and glances in front of all those present.


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However, the happiness could not be complete, because the couple lived various ups and downs that led them to break away in march of 2018. A first break that confirmed through two friendly releases in their twitter profiles, which had impacted all his fans. However, a kiss captured in may by photographers on the street in New York city did begin to wonder if this divide was final. In June, the model came back to give a breath of hope to his union and published also through their social profiles that is reconciliaban. A new opportunity that didn’t work either, because it was completed at the end of the year.


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Although this new break would not be definitive, as both resumed contact in November 2019. Shortly after, images on their social profiles adelantarían an approach much more intimate and also gave us also tips in January 2020 after seeing them walking together and holding arm the streets of New York during the celebrations of the 27th birthday of the singer. Finally, a image Polaroid of the two confirmed the beginning a new chapter for Zigi.

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