Gigi Hadid has today the skin is much more beautiful than 10 years ago: this is the reason


When it comes to the methods of care of the skin of the models the first thing that comes to mind is a series of luxurious treatments, both of exfoliation, hydration and smoothness as improvement of circulation, or even beauty rituals of oriental. Perhaps it is also logical to think in their balanced diets and in their routines of exercise as other factors contributing to a complexion to be envied. But what we have been taken completely by surprise is the confession that has made Gigi Hadid about your formula -not-so – secret to have glowing skin: you move to a different city!. And is that from the model, 24 years old, she left behind her life in Los Angeles to pursue his professional career as a model in New York his face has been given a radical change.


The model came to your social profile to publish a comparison of a picture of it with 14 years old with a current that accompanied with a text that read “What a decade and a move from the West Coast to the East Coast can achieve (and a make-up artist)”. A huge difference in the skin tone of the model, before extremely tanned and now with a more natural-looking and healthyevidence that spending long periods away from the rays of the sun will have been sitting very well. And is that the celebrities the idea that the ultraviolet rays will damage and age the skin has already sunk in deeply, as in the case of Jessica Alba, who claims that one of their secrets to show off a beautiful skin is to avoid the excessive exposure to the sun. Although the ‘miracles’ that a good makeup can get help to improve the appearance of the face, Gigi Hadid knows that in order to take care of fund will have to continue your life away from the sunny beaches to northern california.