Gigi Hadid is allowed to eat pizza when it contains this ingredient fat burner


In addition to going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, a supermodel as Gigi Hadid you must take care of your feed to keep always in shape. This task becomes somewhat difficult when a large part of his life takes place in an airport and their variety of dishes healthy are very limited. However, the californian already is a professional top-flight and know the properties of many foods that help to speed up the metabolism. Recently, the mannequin has shared a publication on their networks, which confirmed that she also eat pizza, yes, with a ingredient known for its power to promote the burning of fata trick that also put into practice Victoria Beckham.


This is not the first time that Gigi proclaims his obsession for spicy food, and they often share with their fans some of their homemade recipes in which this flavor so intense it occupies a position of honor. This time, the model presents your favorite pizza that has baptized as ‘A treasure in the airport’ and that takes cayenne pepper crushed above. This spice helps burn calories thanks to its power termogenético, a property that increases body temperature and helps burn calories even hours after giving the last bite.

Victoria Beckham is another celebrities that takes advantage of the way in which spicy food speeds up the metabolism. Just a few days ago, I shared the plate of pasta out of zucchini, which prepares for your family and the recipe included spicy peppers, a condiment that in addition to enhancing the flavour of the food also helps to burn calories. In this way, Victoria eats pasta for the night and Gigi, pizza in the airport.


Another of the reasons why Hadid know you don’t have to worry about if it succumbs to some whim from time to time is that you will very much enjoy the sport. Sister Bella is considered to be an entire athlete as competed at the volleyball in his old institute, he always travels with accessories fitness to train where you want it to be and has been discovered in the boxing discipline is ideal for toning muscles and release stress. A combination of knowledge of nutrition and discipline in the gym that allows you to the supermodel not deprived of anything.