Gigi Hadid might be the Emmanuelle Alt at the time with this look that reminds us of the golden age of street style


The street style has been evolving with the passage of the seasons, but still we remember with melancholy that golden age when the streets of Paris are filled with voguettes full of style with looks that to this day continue to inspire thousands. Emmanuelle Alt, Géraldine Saglio, or Jennifer Neyt we showed that fashion can be simple, original and different at the same time, betting on basic garments and wardrobe. Today that time has returned to our memory thanks to the latest styling of Gigi Hadid.

This is the top that Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid have taken it (in their way) with only a 24 hour difference

Playing around with sizes and fabrics

If we think of the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt, comes to mind outfits French where chic and simple fuse looks wonderfully timeless. Blazers, leather pants and basic t-shirts are combined with a versatile shoe like the boots or the boots of skin, that is why the last look of Gigi Hadid reminds us of that golden era of street style.

Gigi Hadid Look 01

It is possible that Emmanuelle Alt took this same styling but with some black boots (Photo: Gtres)

With a blazer, male, and in size XXL, the model has been combined with some leather pants, a basic tee and some high boots before. The lesson of this shoe fails by its color-possibly a choice of black or white would have been more successful-.

Pictures | Gtres