Gigi Hadid (or how lookearte to an output of girls)


The top model had its agenda full with the shows in Fashion Week of London. When he was finished, I celebrated by going to one of the festivals that are assembled post fashion shows along with her friend the model Lily Aldridge. Gigi took the best styling urban of the week.

After a busy week of fashion shows, Gigi Hadid and her friend, model Lily Aldridge celebrated the end of the Fashion Week in London going to a party and his looks caused a sensation.

Gigi Hadid with Lily Aldridge in London. Photo: Fotonoticias.

Gigi Hadid wore a trouser suit from Ralph Lauren with a sexy bralette (or top) transparent.

Gigi Hadid with a styling special for going to a party. Photo: Fotonoticias.

Gigi went along with her friend, top model Lily Aldridge, who was a mom for the second time a few months ago, and already recovered the figure, also took a look very special. It was a black skirt with a top cut Greek camel color, both garments with washers hollow and belt to highlight the silhouette. She completed the look with stilettos patent leather and on.

Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldrige. Photo: Fotonoticias.

After being a mother for the second time (his son is called Winston Roy Followill) next to Caleb Followill, singer of the band Kings of Leon who already had a baby named, Dixie Pearl, Lily continues starring tapas and parading for the best brands.