Gigi Hadid Paralyzed by Cole Bennett: Goodbye DiCaprio?

lalleged relationship between Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio if it ever really was, by now it will all be over. While the 48-year-old actor recently posed for a photo with 25-year-old Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, Hadid, 28, wasted no time. And Saturday night reveals email online, was paparazzi as she left a party in Los Angeles with 27-year-old music producer Cole Bennett.

Leonardo DiCaprio: career in 10 films

Leonardo DiCaprio: career in 10 films

Gigi Hadid and alleged flirtation with Leonardo DiCaprio

While the supermodel and DiCaprio are apparently no longer in a relationship, they have been told by sources close to both Us weekly, they continue to see each other quite often and have fun together, because they “keep in the same circle of friends.” Rumors of an alleged romance between Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio began swirling last September, when they (after the actor broke up with Camila Morrone a month earlier) were seen together at a New York Fashion Week party at Casa Cipriani.

Phases of a love story

According to the source cited Magazine “We”, DiCaprio at the time “had a soft spot” for a supermodel, which, however, for its part, was not interested in sentimental relations, but only in friendship. However, in late October, they went to a Halloween party at the Brooklyn Navy Yard together. But after about ten days actor Gigi Hadid was not at the birthday party. However, on November 19, they were seen together again as they left the restaurant. And secondly People “Gigi continues to spend time with Leo in New York.”

However, a couple of days before Christmas, secondly Page six the nascent story between them has already ended:they really like each other, but neither of them wants anything serious right now“. Indeed, in February, a source reports People that Hadid “hadn’t seen DiCaprio for a long time.” She just decided to go with him.”

A closure that is rumored to be short-lived: at the end of February they are photographed together in Milan, in March they go to a party together, in May they are in the same restaurant in New York, in June they have dinner at the same restaurant in London, in July Page six he claims they are together.

Is it all over?

But then, in Over the past few weeks, DiCaprio has repeatedly been photographed with Vittoria Ceretti, and now Hadid appears with Cole Bennett. Is it really over or is the actor and model just taking a summer break?


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