Gigi Hadid recalls the criticism that he received at the beginning of his career


It is almost impossible to think of the gateway without leave at any time, the surname Hadid. Gigi and Beautiful are two of the models most valuable in the world. Not only evidenced by their busy schedule, jumping through the different fashion weeks, but also the long list of covers of international magazines, star in each month. However, there would always have been that way for the most of the mannequins, in fact, the beginning of his career were not exempt from criticism. In one of his last interviews, the top it has been opened up to admitting that in the beginning it was not easy getting into the modeling industry, a road that began in 2015. Much has changed in this time taking into account that this Thursday again to parade for Jean Paul Gaultier, who offered him the debut five years ago.

At that time, the physical of us had a look for something different (as you can see on these lines), since they barely had just finished the institute. At that period of his life, practice sport regularly and to form part of the team from your student center what is without a doubt sculpted her figure. “I still had my body of volleyball. It was a body that I loved. I knew that he had worked very hard to have those musclesto be curvy in certain places. I miss him. At that time, the people were pretty harsh with me and they said that it didn’t have a body to parade,” said the model to the magazine i-D.

However, among so many negative opinions, there was a gesture of the designer in his debut on the catwalk that gave him a shot of self-esteem. “Jean Paul Gaultier put me with a look that is not covered too. He wanted to shine that way, it meant a lot to me in my early days as a model,” said the mannequin. While other companies such as Victoria’s Secret opted for cover silhouettes more voluptuous (we can not forget the case of the angels that have passed while pregnant with their infant stomachs covered), the enfant terrible of the French fashion prefers to use the counter strategy, something that the own Gigi confirmed: “I Know that has done that with a lot of people“.

Throughout his career, the criticism about the weight of the model have not stopped ringing at all. Both have a physical form more curved lines as the opposite. When you suffer Hashimoto’s diseasethere was a time in which it lost quite some weight drastically, which also alarmed his fans. A series of attacks both on the part of the press as well as on their social profiles they always have the same outcome: the model by providing explanations of the variations of this silhouette. However, he has never let the hardness of the views of the stem and has managed to carve out a career, making it clear that, regardless of your status, it’s not going to stop accepting your body.

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