Gigi Hadid regrets the way on how you announced your pregnancy


The model Gigi Hadid finally she talked about her pregnancy and how he regrets that it has come to be that way because they wanted to make it known to the public in a different way and not that way.

It was the last week that started the rumors about your pregnancy and TMZ announced that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik finally were expecting their first child together.

Today, the model spoke about it in a conversation with the driver, Jimmy Fallon, confessing that he regretted the form in which it is given to know the news.

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Obviously, we would have announced it on our own terms… We are very excited, happy and grateful for the good wishes and support of everyone,” said Gigi.

In the same interview, the model told how to live your pregnancy during the isolation, ensuring you feel completely full when being at home with his partner Zayn Malik.

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Especially during these times, the good side is that we are home and we can be together and experience this truth day to day,“ he added.

Something good for the family during this imprisonment, is that it, Zayn, his sister Bella Hadid and his mother are all together going on the running of the bulls on your farm, in Pennsylvania.

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Something curious told in the interview was that one of their major cravings during your pregnancy have been the bagels, so that at least one of the day and the cake from his birthday was the same.

As a bagel a day, so I was so excited that my birthday cake was a bagel, but then I found out that Buddy, the Cake Boss, made my cake. I don’t know if it was my hormones at this point or simply as the quarantine emotional, crying every five minutes for an hour each time I thought about how Buddy did my cake“.

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Yet it has not been confirmed the s3xo of the babybut it is rumored that it’ll be a girl for the photos that you published the model in his account of Instagram for his birthday.

The model and mother of Gigi, Yolanda Hadidnoted that waiting for the birth of her next granddaughter for the month of September.

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It is worth mentioning that Gigi of 25 years and Zayn of 27 had a relationship intermittent in recent years, so expect this to be what a definitely the couple.