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Gigi Hadidlike other celebrities, is prone to receiving criticism on social networks for the reasons more diverse. One of these is related to the way how she has shown to the world lately.

These negative manifestations bothered to the model, who used Twitter to give a general answer that some called it “epic”.

“I’m not talking about this comment specifically. All talk a lot about empowered women, but I support and empodero to both women that show their skin as those who don’t. It all boils down to being able to choose”, he wrote.

“I teach my skin when I want to and I still feel sexy when I’m covered from head to toe. Something which by the way I plan to continue doing. Enough of this sarcastic remarks”, he added Gigi Hadid in the tweet. Subsequently, erased the message.

Several netizens congratulated the blonde for not to hide and get out in front of criticism. “I’m sure that will close the mouth for a good time,” said one of them, who made a screenshot.