Gigi Hadid surprises its fans with a fringe in her latest cover on Vogue Mexico (and we love)


The legion of fans of Gigi Hadid grows at times and wherever it goes -like the beer-, he triumphs. His last cover in Vogue Mexico he premiered a new image of the american model: with a fringe and air retro, demonstrating that there is no style that resists. Despite the fact that we imagine that it is a hairpiece, what is certain is that this type of court feel of fable. Do you know what are we talking about?

Aires retro a a mane mythical

It is a reality: the mane blonde of Gigi Hadid is already legendary. Long, wavy and with a lot of volume, your hair represents the american dream (literally). In the new issue of Vogue Mexico, the hermanísima Bella luce a new image to pose with a hair straighter, unbrushed hair, less blond, and with a thick fringe.

Behind the lens of photographer Giampaolo Sgura, Gigi demonstrates that there is no style that can turn off that natural beauty and exotic that has (like Bella Hadid). With a hat or with hair loose, this new version of Gigi is cool… and a lot.

Photos | Instagram @gigihadid