Gigi Hadid talks about the changes that you have experienced your face from pregnancy


At the end of April
Gigi Hadid confirmed that it was waiting for their first child next to Zayn Malik. A news that surprised his millions of fans around the world, who quickly used the social media to congratulate the young couple.

Since then, the model had only talked about her pregnancy in the program Jimmy Fallon, where he stated that both she and Malik were “very excited about” about it. But yesterday the sister Bella wanted to share on Instagram how is living these months so special before becoming a first time mother.

Hadid took part in a tutorial of a makeup organized by Maybelline, firm of which he is ambassador. Gigi had to put make up according to the instructions of the makeup artist Erin Parsons and between each step not only spoke of their routines of beauty, also revealed how it has affected pregnancy to your face.

As explained, in the last few weeks he had received several comments from her followers who accused him of having gone through the operating room to get some implants in her cheeks. A statement which she denied and said that his face, which is now much more rounded, has been changed by the pregnancy. “I have never injected anything in the face. It seems to Me that every one do what you want to feel happy and good about themselves. To me, terrifies me,” he said.

Also took the opportunity to deny another rumor that has long circulated on the internet. “It’s very funny everything you read on the Internet. People think that I I shape my eyebrows to be so bowed. But if you look at my photos, I’ve had these raised eyebrows crazy since I was born” said fun.

The young man, who said he was happy with “the natural process of the world” that you are experiencing, also confirmed that paraded pregnant in the different international gateways. Gigi never stopped working in the first few months of pregnancy that tend to be delicate. In fact, his followers have recovered one of the images that she herself published in February in the backstage Isabel Marant, where the designer appears, looking with affection your tummy while you slide the skirt and She can’t help but smile in the face of this delicate gesture.

Gigi hadid is pregnant about 24 weeks