Gigi Hadid, the model is brave, facing his attackers, and the critical


This Tuesday was celebrated at the Grand Palais in Paris the parade the autumn/winter season 2020 Chanelthe most anticipated of the Week of French Fashion. A show in which there was a great protagonist and not by way of parade, but for your courage. Gigi Hadid has given back to the world by pulling out of the gateway to a spontaneous I had climbed to the same at the close of the parade. Without waiting to reach the safety of the event, the top grabbed her arm and the rounded up scores for that do not take to lose the show of Chanel.

The images of Gigi the face of the woman, a French comedian named Marie Benoliel, which was to parade exaggerating and parodying the gestures, went around the world and encumbraron to the u.s. as a girl with arrests that knows how to defend themselves without the need of bodyguards. The model achieved that the spontaneous will not damage it a parade very important both for Chanelwho wants to keep being the biggest fashion house in the world without being noticed the absence of Karl Lagerfeld, as well as to her, for she was the hottest model featured on the catwalk.

The gesture of Hadid, however, it is not surprising, because these images the only thing they do is to summarize much of the personality of Hadid, a model that his 24 years know what it is to face to many things. Despite the fact that his story is quite more friendly than other models that have come out of a life of misery, his career has been a constant struggle in other ways.

Gigi is the daughter of the property tycoon, Mohamed Hadid and the exmodelo Yolanda Foster. Raised in Los Angeles, his childhood was running in the best schools and practicing sports like volleyball and horse riding. Stood out in both and it was thought that his career would go for this, but in 2012, Guess the joined as the image of the brandand everything changed for her. His face became famous overnight and the following year already had a contract with the best agency in the world, IMG Models.

In 2014 he made his debut in the ‘Fashion Week’ in New York and, from there, jumped to stardom. Victoria’s Secret angel, image of Tommy Hilfiger -with whom he made several collections-, and fixed in parades such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Versace, Isabel Marant, or Lanvin, Gigi has not stopped in all this time and stays on the podium of the best in the world as the seventh best paid in the past year, with $ 9.5 million.

But even though his career seems like a path of roses, not what has been. Because from the beginning, Gigi has had to face numerous criticisms, precisely because of its physical. The fact have curves and represent a type of model that a few years ago it was unthinkable made we llovieran criticism by crossing them off of fat. Something that she was deaf and was proud of her body and that thanks to it the fashion industry began to incorporate other kinds of canons of beauty.

But Gigi also it is a story of overcoming, because the young girl has impeccably his career while suffering from a chronic disease called ‘Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis’. It is an autoimmune disease that can cause hypothyroidism or goiter, in addition to fatigue, dizziness, and weight changes, something that has been seen in the model in these years, as has alternated periods thin with other with a little more weight. They also give you muscle aches and pains, alterations of the menstruation and of sleep or hair loss. Gigi has never hidden what happens to him, but never have used it as an excuse in their work.

Another example that isn’t afraid of nothing happened in 2016 at the exit of a fashion show in the Fashion Week of Milan. A man grabbed him by the back and lifted off the groundsupposedly a fan, to which she do not hesitate to defend himself by giving him a nudge in the face and golpeándole. The man let her go and ran away and she wanted to go behind him to give him his comeuppance, but his bodyguards stopped him.

As well, the Chanel show and her acclaimed intervention are the only other shows that Gigi Hadid is a woman sure of herself who will not let anyone step on your work or engagement effort. In this way, with her sister Bella dominates the panorama of the ‘top models’ world, hogging the covers and major campaigns. No one dares to challenging.