Gigi Hadid usa mexican design in Mykonos



The theft Gigi Hadid suffered in Mykonos a few weeks ago, it was not impediment to enjoy your vacations in the company of her friends and it look looks flawless. The model opted to wear mexican design in Greece.

Gigi used a design boho chic signed by the designer Alejandra Raw and best of all is that you, too, can have. If you’ve always dreamed to imitate the style of the model, this is your perfect opportunity as the long dress with opening on the sides, fringes and strips of leather for tying the model used in the small island of Greece is still available online $3,954 weights.

If you have planned to go to the beach soon and want to look sexy but light, this is the piece ideal to achieve this. Take it like Gigi Hadid with a swimsuit, a black below and compleméntalo with sandals sandals statement, and with a bucket hat.

Alejandra Raw
Alejandra Raw

The model, who recently is in the mouth of all his alleged relationship with Tyler Cameron, former participant of the reality show The Bachelorette shared via your finsta (Fake Instagram) a series of photos of their vacation in Greece in which it appears using the design of Alejandra Raw.

The account of the Fake Instagram Gigi is called Gi’sposables. This profile is used to share photos taken with your analog camera, and unlike her official account, here public images that are less thought of and that have nothing to do with their work, so if you’re a fan of the model, you have to follow it.

By that same account, the model shared that the house in which she was staying had been stolen along with other 30. Gigi also suggested to his followers that they were to the island and ensured that she never return.