Gigi Hadid was confused by Taylor Swift with a drag queen


Gigi Hadid was confused by Taylor Swift with a famous drag queen in the VMA’s 2019. What? And is that, if you thought John Travolta was the only one who could create such an error, for such a special day, you made the mistake. Although, how was it that Gigi did this?

In the words of Jade Joliewho that day attended with a look very similar to Taylor Swift, he commented that the model Gigi Hadid confused with Tay during the after party of the VMA’s 2019. As to how this happened, one-time participant Drag Race he confessed:

Throughout the party there was not a single moment that Gigi stop to think that it was Taylor”

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But how he reacted Taylor Swift to this? According to Jade Joliethe interpreter of “Lover“he took the situation with a lot of humor, especially because Gigi Hadid it is one of their best friends. We wonder if Tay would have reacted the same way if those who had confused out Kanye West.