Gigi Hadid: what is your account’s secret Instagram, and what it publishes


Gigi Hadid it is a name that all are familiar with in the fashion industry and outside of it. It has become an icon of pop culture for the light-hearted approach with which it operates in front of the cameras, their events and of course, their social networks.

The talented model it is well-known for defending causes such as mental health, for being affectionate with their fans, loving the sport, and even down to an ‘outsider’ of a catwalk of Chanel (which I won applause infinite). She knows that it is a public figurebut despite that maintains certain aspects of their life private. Of course, but one of his hobbies more recent has come out from some time ago in the light: analog photography. This will both like, that has an account dedicated exclusively to her (and that not many people know).

Gigi Hadid loves analog photography, so much so, that you have a dedicated account only for this hobby

© Francois Durand

If you think you know everything about Gigi Hadid, you’re wrong. Even his followers more devout of Instagram lost a very important part of the life of the modelas in its main profile she often ignores one of its hobbies favorites.

His love for this art is so deep, that you opened from some time ago a alternate account dedicated to show some of the photographs that she and her friends captured, and what is more interesting is that they usually focus on moments a lot less glam from what we are used to, as it not only shares its best outfits and vacationbut that publishes some of the moments in which –as any mortal– lives anecdotes bittersweet. An example is a selfie that took in Mykonos.

What is the account secret Gigi Hadid in Instagram?

The already not-so-secret account is called @gisposable. In it, as previously mentioned, publishes personal moments within his career, photos with your friends, family, and hopefully soon share photos of the baby that is waiting for you with Zayn Malik.

What publishes Gigi Hadid in your account and a secret Instagram?

The account of Instagram @gisposable remains a secret, as the end of Hadid to create it is having an collection more private with what you love to do, above gain followers or to upload only their walks down the red carpet. What is certain, is that their publications are much more natural and cool, and in addition the photographs are the friends and family the closest Gigi Hadid, including his sister Beautiful.

If you are someone who loves to see the behind-the-scenes in the world of the fashion or if you want to know a most human of the celeb, don’t hesitate to follow this account, we do not know how long it will remain active or if at some point Gigi will decide to close it.