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The weekend is just around the corner, let’s get comfortable and discover the fashion news of the week!

Even if it’s been there for a long time fashion it was considered a minor art but figured as an art nonetheless, and fashion pills of the week play primarily on the relationship between these two sister practices. A relationship of mutual exchange in which one is inspired by the other and which is expressed in photo campaigns, original projects and international events that tell the story of a multifaceted and eclectic universe.

The very thing that unites the two brands in their first collab. And this can be found in the capsule – light in tone, but serious on the chosen topics – of the brand and its famous feline review! #FashionPills

Fashion Pills: Monday and São Paulo Square by Bottega Veneta

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Artists, guests, and the public have come together for immersive, site-specific events to promote craftsmanship, creativity, and self-expression: in a nutshell, this is The Square, a series organized by Bottega Veneta under the creative direction of Mathieu Blazy to support cultural exchange in all art forms. After debuting in Dubai in 2022 and a second stop in Tokyo, The Square now arrives in Sao Paulo, housed in Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro. In this iconic site of Brazilian modernism, for eleven days, artists and artworks from all over Brazil pay homage to the Italian-born figure Bo Bardi, exploring his influence on Brazilian culture and celebrating the art of carioca in all its forms. The event is divided into four thematic routes related to the idea of ​​time, geometry and spirituality, the Brazilian counterculture and the roots of bossa nova. #BrazilianVibes

Fashion Pills: Tuesday and Bea Bongiasca x Linda Farrow

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The new release is called Framing the Faces. Bea Bonjaskaconceived in collaboration with an eyewear brand that needs no introduction, Linda Farrow. Based on some original and forward-thinking designs by the founder of the brand, presented more than 20 years later by the designer’s son Simon Jablon, the Bea Bongiasca collaboration decided to combine the aesthetics of the two brands with shiny metal accents. Vibrant hues of lime green, pink, yellow and orange frame-hugging glasses, from classic cat-eye shapes to tea shades with gradient lenses. The silhouettes of the 60s and 70s, edited in this way, have taken on a modern and pop character that fans of the bijoux brand will easily recognize. The capsule collection, immortalized in campaign images shot by New York-based photographer Liz De Souza, known for her bold color shots, is sold exclusively on Net-A-Porter. #PopModeOn

Fashion Pills: Wednesday and the High Heels Project by Sergio Rossi and Mari Katayama

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Many months of long and hard work to create the perfect shoe is certainly nothing new for Sergio Rossi, designers whose shoes are practically the object of design. But this time around, the goal was decidedly more ambitious: to create a pair of shoes that fit the internationally acclaimed artist’s exceptional recall. Marie Katayama – who has been walking with prosthetic legs in both legs since the age of nine. So the designer set about creating two individual models of SI ROSSI by Sergio Rossi, starting from the very beginning: from design and shape measurement to prototypes for sea trials, choice of materials and colors. The created models worn by Katayama herself in the photographs taken at the Sergio Rossi factory in San Mauro Pascoli fit the purpose and at the same time show uncompromising beauty, because they represent all the key elements necessary to ensure that the prosthetic foot stable on the ground. #WereableArt

Fashion pills: Thursday and Miu Miu on Gigi Hadid’s arm

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Handling it miu miu iconic, matelassé is the absolute protagonist of the two bags created by the brand for FW23: we are talking about the Wander, presented last season, and the new Arcadie, worn and interpreted on the occasion of the new launch Gigi Hadid in a campaign shot by Steven Meisel. For the images, Meisel chose to draw inspiration from the life and spirit of American artist Margaret Keane, whose instantly recognizable aesthetic universe reshapes the world of Miu Miu. Keane’s indomitable character, his freedom, his story are inextricably linked to the brand’s universe and are perfect to provide the right backdrop for an advertising campaign. The reason for this choice can be immediately explained by thinking also about the name of the new bag: Arcadia has actually entered mythology since ancient Greece as a destination and an idealized setting, an idyllic and paradise landscape surrounded by nature. Thus, Gigi Hadid moves in the modern outback between reality and surrealism, where the everyday becomes exceptional and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. #SurrealistHadid

Fashion Pills: Friday and Uniqlo’s Steady Doraemon

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He is a decidedly “kawaii” global ambassador for sustainability: let’s talk about doraemon, a popular Japanese cartoon protagonist that appeals to all age groups and his iconic features chosen by Uniqlo to show their commitment to more sustainable fashion. However, from June 5, they will be presented in a new guise, that is, in “sustainable mode” and, obviously, in green. The friendly robot cat will feature three T-shirts and a 100% recycled polyester pocket bag. UNIQLO to encourage clients to participate in sustainable development activities. During the campaign period until July 4, each time a customer purchases one of the Doraemon green items, a donation of one euro will be made to the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Center (ACCU), which will be used for educational programs aimed at reaching out to children to the problem of ocean pollution. #manga lover

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