Gilead’s total revenue up 5%

California-based pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences announced the results of the study Q2 2023which stands out from the 5% increase in total revenueto $6.6 billion (€6.002 billion), driven largely by higher sales of HIV and oncology treatments, which offset a decline in Veklury for Covid-19.

“It was another strong quarter for Gilead, Commercial and Clinical Impulse. Our core business grew 11% year-over-year, driven by our diverse portfolio of therapies targeting HIV, oncology and liver disease.We received positive regulatory updates for six therapeutics and submitted substantial data on our portfolio that Enhance our growing potential Helping more patients and communities around the world,” said Gilead President and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel O’Day.

“We received positive regulatory updates for six of our therapies and submitted substantial data on our portfolio, enhancing our growing potential”

For the period, total sales increased by 7% to $6.6 billion (6.002 billion euros), excluding Vick Leorie, Added 11% Also, up to $6.3 billion (€5.754 billion) in the second quarter of 2023, mainly due to higher sales related to HIV, cell therapies and Trodelvy.

Specifically, sales-related hiv products It rose 9 percent to $4.6 billion (4.2 billion euros), which Gilead noted was due to favorable price dynamics and greater demand.It is particularly worth mentioning that Biktawian increase of 17%, and Descovi 12% more.

for portfolio Liver DiseaseIncludes chronic hepatitis C virus, chronic hepatitis B virus and chronic hepatitis D virus, up 4% to $711 million (€649 million). Again, due to increased demand, although in this case, the accompanying unfavorable pricing dynamics do not allow them to make more profit.

Global data shows that as of June 30, 2023, Gilead has cash of 7.307 billion euros, an increase of 5% from 6.942 billion euros on the last day of 2022

Finally, as the third branch of the company, Cell Therapy Products It grew 27 percent to $469 million (€428 million) in the second quarter. When a bestseller is found, Yescataup 29 percent to $380 million (€347 million), and Tecatusimproving the previous result by 21%, with sales of $88 million (€80 million).

As of June 30, 2023, Gilead’s global sales were 8 billion US dollars (7.307 billion euros). cashcompared to $7.6 billion (€6.942 billion) in the last day of 2022 increase by 5%.Additionally, during these months, companies specializing in HIV pay dividends Repurchased $150 million (€137 million) of common stock for $944 million (€862 million).

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