Gillian Anderson in the cast of Kurt Sutter’s new series

Gillian Anderson will be in the cast of Kurt Sutter’s new series

Abandonednew Netflix series created Kurt Sutteralso boasts of having Gillian Anderson in the cast.

Anderson will play Constance, the head of the wealthy Van Ness family who inherited her husband’s mining fortune and then doubled it. Despite the city’s inherent prejudice against women, his money, charm and ruthlessness created a network of political allies. For her, power, wealth and origin are above all.

Lena Headey will also be part of the cast of the series.

The Abandons follows a diverse group of anomalous families as they pursue their manifest destiny in 1850s Oregon, while a corrupt force of wealth and power coveting their land tries to force them to leave. These abandoned souls, lost souls living on the fringes of society, unite their tribes to form a family and fight back. In this bloody trial, “justice” goes beyond the law. Abandoned Explores the fine line between survival and the law, the consequences of violence, and the destructive power of secrets as this family fights to preserve their land.

Sutter created the series and serves as showrunner and executive producer. Emmy Greenwis also serves as executive producer along with directors Steven Surjic and Otto Bathurst.

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