Gina Carano and Other Celebrities Fired for Controversial Comments

Gina Carano

Social networks are a powerful weapon that, if misused, can have great consequences. And it is that celebrities must be very careful with what they publish because behind them there are millions of people who are reading them, that is why when a celebrity gets into sensitive topics, companies prefer to disassociate themselves from them and end the relationship labor. This is what happened to these stars, who lost their jobs after a great controversy caused by social networks,


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The mixed martial arts star and former lead of  The Mandalorian starred in a series of major scandals that ended up costing him his popular role. The actress not only compared Nazi Germany with the treatment the Republicans were receiving, months ago she had spoken out against the masks and spoke of “electoral fraud.” After several months of scandals, the actress was fired and Disney assured that he had no intention of resuming the relationship.

2. James Gunn


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The director of  Guardians of the Galaxy faced a problem from his past when in 2018 some tweets he had made ten years ago came to light. In his publications, he had made offensive jokes on sensitive topics such as the September 11 attack in the United States. After social networks realized that they asked for his dismissal and Disney had no choice but to fire him. Gunn apologized and was later rehired.

3. Charlie Sheen


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The actor played with his luck after he became the highest-paid television star in the United States for the series  Two and a Half Men. Maybe Sheen has not commented on social networks, but what he did was worse, in a live interview made it very badly to Chuck Lorre, none other than the creator of the show. He said he hated him and that he was “stupid”; Sheen practically believed himself to be untouchable and this attitude did not please the producers at all, who immediately fired him when the show was in its eighth season.

4. Hartley Sawyer

The actor was fired last year from  The Flash series for a series of misogynistic and racist tweets. When users found out about them, Hartley deleted his account, but the company had already caught him. The actor apologized on Instagram and pointed out that they had been a joke but the damage was done.