Gina Rodriguez of ‘Jane The Virgin’ is sincere about her battle against depression and suicidal thoughts


Gina Rodriguez it is one of the actresses that supports the causes in relation to the mental health, and some time ago that revealed their own problems of anxiety in their social networks.

Now, during the annual celebration of the Kennedy Forum on mental health, the actress newly married has recounted his fight against depression and confesses to having recently had suicidal thoughts, in addition to having reached a point of no return as I rode the last season of your series ‘Jane The Virgin‘.

“There was a time he could no longer… postpone it and move forward every time, and I am one of those human beings that are in the plan, already gestionaré then. I’ll deal with it later. I’ll settle after. Now I only have to do this. And while you’re trying to deal with the little dragon silent in your head. And there came a point, and this season was the first time I had to stop the production. I have had a season very tumultuous, and for the first time was not afraid to say, ‘I can Not'”.

Inspired by the host of The Today Show, Gina continued speaking of his battle.

“I think I started to dealing with depression around the age of sixteen. I started to deal with the idea that everything was going to be better when I was not. Life would be easier, all the concerns wouldall of the problems… And then there would have to fail or succeed, isn’t it? All this pressure is overwhelming would disappear. Just go away”.

So confirmed the actress of 34 years, on the verge of tears, that he deals with suicidal thoughts.

“Oh, yes. I’ve felt that before, not long ago, and it is a feeling very real. For me it was a new territory,” he confesses, ensuring that he has decided that he could not hide for more time of your problems.

“It was the reason why I agreed to this talk. It has to be part of the conversations I have with young girls. Can’t I just tell you to go to fulfill their dreams and ignore everything else. Right now I feel brave”.

The words of Gina have been made viral and the number of fans thank you for your courage to grow.

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