Gina Rodriguez revealed that she thought of committing suicide


gina rodriguez be honest when talking about his battle with the anxiety, same as the society from which I had scarce 16 years old, and which caused him to panic attacks at the thought of committing suicide.

the actress who rose to fame with the television series “jane the virgin” will be honest to talk about their mental disorders that forced him to leave the recordings to improve their health. during your visit to the forum kennedy at a meeting with kate snow of the nbcrodriguez shared the hard process by which has passed when suffering from anxiety and depression.

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“there was a point in that I could not go forward, I am one of those human beings who leave everything for later. ‘what I will handle later, I’ll take care of it later, figure it out later. all I have to do this now.’ in the meantime, you face the little dragon quiet of your head,” confessed the actress of 34 years.

gina endured the anxiety and the panic attacks that led her to have suicidal thoughts that have plagued and weakened too, until he took the decision to take the time to resolve this issue.

“this season was the first season in which I had to stop the production,” rodriguez said. “I had a season of really tumultuous, and for the first time I was not afraid to say ‘can’t’ “.

the actress of the film “miss bala” acknowledged as his own the work of disseminating how important it is to take into account the mental health problems and not leave them aside. this message it was specially directed to young women. gina mentioned that she could not simply ask them to leave to follow their dreams, and then ignore everything that happens on the inside.

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rodriguez also revealed that he took too many drugs for the thyroid, which was causing strong palpitations in her heart that turned into anxiety attacks.

the actress said that she has never ceased to be overcome by his illness, and not let anything stop her in life, that is why I decided to give it the necessary importance to be able to move forward.