Gini-such As WhatsApp for Two Numbers or devices


Illustration Of WhatsApp. (pixabay/East country tunes) – In General, users use WhatsApp on a device. But, in a special way, the user may use it on multiple devices, or with two numbers.

Reported by page Android Pithere is how to use WhatsApp with two numbers or two devices:

1. Rules for the use of WhatsApp on two devices

WhatsApp is the official rules on the question of whether or not the user can verify the WhatsApp account to multiple phones, or with any number.

WhatsApp mentioned that WhatsApp users can only be verified with one number, on one device. If the user is on a dual SIM phone, please note that the user choose to continue must have a number to verify with WhatsApp. There is no way a WhatsApp account with two numbers.

Officially, users can not use WhatsApp with one number in two different devices. Although the second device can enable users to WhatsApp with a second phone number, but the users will not be able to access the chat history is the same. As a solution, users are recommended to use WhatsApp Web on the second device.

2. Two WhatsApp account on a cell phone

With a simple trick the user can use WhatsApp on one device with two numbers at once. No problem, if the second number comes from the SIM card in the dual SIM smartphone of the user, a home phone number or cell phone number in another phone.

Illustration Of WhatsApp. [Shutterstock]
Illustration Of WhatsApp. [Shutterstock]

The first option that can be used, is one of the twins. Some equipment manufacturers allow two instances of WhatsApp installed in parallel.

For smartphone Huawei or Honor, user can find the entry App-Twin in the settings of the application. While Samsung calls this option as a Dual-Messenger.

The second possibility is to use the WhatsApp application Business is. This application is exclusively for business customers, but the user can. menggunakannua parallel with the WhatsApp users on the same device With this app, users of WhatsApp can in two times with different numbers on the same device.( Siltya Utami)