Giorgio Dritti and Matt Dillon receive the Mimmo Rotella award in Venice

Prize Mimmo Rotella Foundationin its twenty-second edition, will be awarded this year to the 80th edition Venice Film Festival, actor and artist Matt Dillon and director Giorgio Dritti.

The award ceremony will take place tomorrow. Friday, September 8, 18.30. – V Palace of Sina Centurion in Venice. They will Nikola ChannelPresident of the Mimmo Rotella Foundation e Gianvito Casadonte, artistic director of the award, to present the prestigious recognition. The event was organized jointly with Microphone – Ministry of Culture, Calabria Straordinaria, Calabria Cinematography Commission, Webgenesis and the Gb Spadafora brand.. The award ceremony will also be attended by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabrian Film Commission. Anton Giulio Grande.


The prize goes to Matt Dillon who, over his long career, was able to combine the enormous talent and creativity of an actor and director with an always innate desire to open new horizons. An extraordinary combination that, as in the iconic works of Mimmo Rotella, has found in art the best expressive form to give free rein to the imagination. Matt Dillon The artist loves to use color between pop and expressionism to fill the canvas with new meanings and content inspired by real life. An exceptional witness to the strong connection that unites cinema with the visual arts, as well as the true value of creativity that moves the world, breaking all conventions.

The prize goes to George Wrights who, in his work behind the camera, manages to capture the reflections, anxieties and hopes of a life lived through the power of the image. Thus, cinema as a tool for observing and transforming reality through the director’s wise use of light and color as visual and communicative components. Exploring the innermost and hidden corners of the human soul, Giorgio Diritti expresses the value of diversity, opposition to all forms of discrimination and marginalization, extolling art as a lifeline on the path of history.

Previous winners

There is a rich list of protagonists who have received the Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award over the past few years. Between them: Oliver Stone, Mick Jagger, Donald Sutherland, Mario Martone, Tony Servillo, Giuseppe Capotondi, Julian Schnabel, Willem Dafoe, George Clooney, Michael Caine, Ai Weiwei, Jude Law, Paolo Sorrentino, James Franco, Terry Gilliam, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp , Alexander Sokurov, Berry Levinson, Joao Botelho, Julie Taymor, Takeshi Kitano, Abel Ferrara, Gianni Amelio, Peter Greenaway, Ascanio Celestini, Gian Alfonso Pacinotti and Olivier Assayas.

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