Giovanna Civitillo, pink dress follows the Barbie trend: beautiful

Giovanna Civitillo became a Barbie on social media, a photo of her dress went viral on social media. What’s happened?

The gorgeous dancer will turn 46 next month, even if time seems to have completely stopped for her. In fact, even today, she has an enviable physique as well as a very sweet face.

We know her by “shock” Heritage which also caused Amadeus to go insane. Thus, the conductor conquered her, immediately realizing that in front of him was a very beautiful, but at the same time charismatic woman. And from their union a wonderful family was born. The couple married on July 12, 2009 in a civil ceremony before moving to a religious marriage ten years later.

Son José Alberto was also born from their love story on January 18, 2009.. The age difference between them has never weighed, in fact, 15 years is not felt, and the two have a feeling that can be seen with the naked eye, even just by looking at them together in photos posted on social networks. Thanks to Jose, the couple also keeps themselves up to date with current trends. But not only that, it is clear that both are very attentive to what is happening in the world around them, especially from an artistic point of view. And, in this regard, it certainly could not go unnoticed. The Barbie Phenomenon recent times.

crazy about barbie

Whether you like the movie or not Barbie has gone viral on social media with many comments from characters more or less famous.. Greta Gerwig’s film with Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie has amassed incredible collections and succeeded in its goal of getting people to talk about the “pink” phenomenon as much as possible. In fact, what surprised us even more than the film itself was the trend it set.

Barbie characters on the crest of a wave – photo: Instagram –

In a certain sense, pink took revenge on what should be considered real. pink revolution. And even Giovanna Civitillo was overwhelmed by the desire to create content even without the prerogative of going viral, as perhaps happens to others who are always on the lookout for trends.

The film has gained a cult following and is capable of achieving extraordinary results in terms of box office.. Going to quickly establish itself both in terms of the box office and in terms of the public. In fact, everyone is convinced that we will hear more about it, and it is impossible to think that we will not see other chapters of the film, perhaps ready for a sequel or even a saga. Meanwhile, Mattel understands that the project is moving forward and that it will be able to experience positive economic impacts by pursuing projects that are also different. But what did Giovanna Civitillo look like in the pink version of Barbie, as mentioned?

Giovanna Civitillo as Barbie

Even Giovanna Civitillo was seized by a passion for Barbie. who wanted to pay tribute on social media. In fact, she can be seen wearing a long pink dress with a rainbow-colored neckline that shimmers in pink. In the commentary, Amadeus’ wife emphasizes: “A little pink. Barbie!”.

Giovanna Civitillo as Barbie – photo: Instagram –

Taking advantage of this trend, even the dancer manages to make it viral. a photo that is highly appreciated by the public. In fact, there were a lot of people who left a heart, as well as all very positive comments. Even if, as usual, some haters do not shy away from criticizing her with ordinary words that leave the time they find.

Other VIPs who mentioned Barbie

The Barbie trend exploded at the VIP Preview in Milan. Among the most quoted images, there is definitely Annalisa in a hot pink dress, which is impossible not to notice. The perfect physique and delightful face of the singer once again won the hearts of many. All pink we also find Francesca Ferragni, Chiara’s sister, who wears a pink suit and always wears the same shade of glasses.. Next to her, dressed in all pink and bare-shouldered, we also saw a smiling woman. Marina DiGuardo.

Francesca Ferragni and her mother Marina Di Guardo in the Barbie version – photo: Instagram –

It was also hard to take my eyes off Lodovica Comello, beautiful and excellent as always. She was wearing pink pants with a heart-shaped belt. On top, however, he had a white shirt with a pink background, a very flat stomach, and a dazzling smile. Mara Sattei was also gorgeous in an elegant dress. and it accentuated her curves. On the other hand, those who broke the pattern a little, Rose the villain is dressed in all black with turquoise hair and no pink accessories other than skin. It seemed Candied Almond Eliza Maino in a dress that looked like a real favor.

Also Ginta Biku is dressed in pink with sheer shoulders and it shows very little of her with a very full skirt and bodice that showcases her physique. Noemi Brando has a gorgeous body and a light pink dress with a plunging neckline. Therefore, there are many VIPs who manage to win the hearts of the public, and they do not think that there were no men who love this color and manage to convey sensations to the public through social networks.

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