‘Girlfriend for Hire’ Comedy Starring Jennifer Lawrence

A film with Jennifer Lawrence and Matthew Broderick hits theaters in which a girl on the verge of losing her home discovers an intriguing job ad: two wealthy parents looking for someone to spend time with their withdrawn 19-year-old son.

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He comes into the hall girlfriend for rent, a comedy in which Maddie, on the verge of losing her childhood home, discovers an intriguing job ad: Wealthy helicopter owners are looking for someone to date their withdrawn 19-year-old son Percy before he leaves for college . To her surprise, Maddie soon finds that clumsy Percy will not be easy.

The protagonist of the film is a four-time Oscar nominee, winner of the 2013 award for Bright side, Jennifer Lawrence who plays Maddie, along with Andrew Bart Feldman as Percy, Matthew Broderick as Percy’s father and Laura Benanti as their mother. ‘Girl for Rent’ hits theaters June 21, 2023.


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