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girlfriend for rent

In recent years, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, famous for participating in major franchises such as hunger games And X MenWorked on very few projects – Comedy don’t look up for netflix and drama Causeway For Apple – Devoting almost all of his time to his family. girlfriend for rent (it is better to use the original title don’t mind) is his first, and potentially only, work of 2023.

Directed by Gene Stupinski (good boys, don’t mind Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence), a practically broke 30-year-old, looks at “going out” with the son of a wealthy family in exchange for a car so she can continue working as an Uber driver, debt Can pay and not be forced to sell the house. Instead, the parents hope to bring their introverted 19-year-old son out of his shell before he heads off to college. However, all of Maddie’s attempts to seduce and convert Percy (ANDREW BARTH FELDMAN) prove to be clumsy and problematic, literally hitting a hole in the water.

how is it clear don’t mind Inspired by the sexy comedies of the early 2000s American Pie, and we were really surprised to see that comedy on the big screen. Although the film is presented as an irreverent comedy with good food for thought, the comedic elements are overshadowed by more extreme scenes with the main characters being played with and on their bodies. In fact, the protagonist’s insistent, aggressive and provocative nature is very well matched with the humor of the film, but some jokes still leave a bad taste (even a certain discomfort) in the audience’s mouth, such as when Maddie meets Percy’s parents for the first time: “You mean ‘going out’ with him, or ‘going out’ with him?”

Jennifer Lawrence’s casual behavior certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and the interpretation is 100% convincing, but the one who steals the show is Percy played by Andrew Barth Feldman who is too naive to be true. The two make for an explosive pair and both will learn something from each other. In the end everything falls within the classic canon of sentimental comedy, but here we have reached heights of sexual profanity never seen in the Puritan movies of 2023.

,girlfriend for rent by Gene Stupinski. 2023, Comedy, 90′)

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