Gisele Bündchen Turns 43: Why She Ended Up With Leonardo DiCaprio, How She Met Tom Brady, Their Love Story


She was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 to 2006, she is one of the highest paid models in the world and has appeared on over 1,200 covers: we’re talking about Gisele Bündchen, who turns 43 today. Born in Horizontina, Brazil, on July 20, 1980, she was discovered in 1994 by a manager of Elite Model Management Agency while she was at a fast food restaurant in São Paulo. In the last few years, she has been in news not only for her work but also for her love life. She actually had a long relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio when her career was on the rise.

together on the red carpet

In 1999, Gisele Bündchen began dating the actor. “We were both very young, we grew up together in many ways,” he said. Often appearing (and being photographed) together on the red carpet, Leo and Gisele have made fans around the world dream. But the model later revealed that she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks during those years in the spotlight.

because she ended up with leonardo dicaprio

Gisele Bündchen and Leonardo DiCaprio parted ways in 2005 after five years of courtship. In fact, the model wanted to change her lifestyle: “I no longer wanted to numb myself with cigarettes, drinks, too much work – Giselle revealed in her memoir released in 2018 -“. I was becoming more and more aware of things I had chosen not to see. Did I just want to do some serious introspection while he remained that way? In the end, unfortunately, the answer was yes.’

meeting with tom brady

Gisele first met New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2006 at a party, introduced by a mutual friend: “I was the one who made the first move.” When I saw her smile, I thought it was the most charismatic smile I have ever seen. I wanted to go to Brazil to celebrate Christmas with my family but I really didn’t want to leave the United States. The couple married three years later on 26 February 2009 in a church in Santa Monica, California.

extended family

During their marriage, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady had two children: Benjamin Rein, born on December 8, 2009, and Vivien Lake, born on December 5, 2012. Tom also has another son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, born in August 2007 from Brady’s relationship with Bridget Moynahan (which ended in 2006). “Soon after our relationship began in 2007, Tom told me that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child. The next day the news was everywhere, and it was as if my world had suddenly been turned upside down,’ Bündchen recounts in her memoir ‘Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life. It was not an ideal situation for anyone to be in – the book states – there is no manual that can prepare you for such a situation. Although it was very difficult, today I cannot imagine my life without Jack. I call her my “bonus” baby.

declaration of divorce

In October 2022, after 16 years of courtship, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady announced that they had begun divorce proceedings. The announcement came on Instagram: “Recently, my wife and I finalized our divorce after 13 years of marriage – he wrote -. We have come to this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time spent together. We are fortunate to have beautiful and wonderful children who will always be the center of our world and we will continue to work together as parents to ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve. After much deliberation, we have come to the decision to end our marriage.” It was undoubtedly painful and difficult to do so, as it is for many people around the world who experience the same situation every day. However, we wish each other the best of luck in the new chapters of our lives that are yet to be written. “With great gratitude for the time we spent together, Tom and I have amicably finalized our divorce. My priority has always been and will always be the well-being of our children, whom I love with all my heart. We will give them the love, care and attention they deserve,” she wrote. And will continue to give co-parenting the attention it deserves. The decision to end a marriage is never easy but we have split and obviously something like this is very difficult to deal with, I feel lucky to have had time together and I wish Tom all the best.’

“Divorce was the death of my dream”

‘Divorce was the death of my dream. It’s hard because you envision your life in a certain way and you do everything possible for it. I used to believe in fairy tales as a child and I am grateful for that. A few months ago, the model broke silence on their divorce in an interview with Vanity Fair: “Sometimes we grow up together, sometimes we grow apart. I was 26 when we met and he was 29. We both wanted a family, we wanted everything together. Over the years we realized that we wanted different things and had to make a choice. It doesn’t mean you don’t love the person anymore, just that you need to find a balance between being yourself and living the life you want. When you love someone, you don’t put that person in jail by saying, ‘This is how you have to live.’ Instead you leave him free to be who he wants to be and if you fly in that direction then that’s wonderful.

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